Sperti psoriasis lamp

2021.12.04 18:57 socalification Sperti psoriasis lamp

Anybody ever use one of these of their eczema or psoriasis? Considering getting a prescription to get one of these lamps, have been n steroids on and off for years, so maybe I’d consider giving this a shot. sperti psoriasis lamp
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2021.12.04 18:57 ZoolShop Iran walks back all prior concessions in nuclear talks, US official says | Iran nuclear deal

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2021.12.04 18:57 Immediate_Practice78 Join the TEEN LEAKS Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 18:57 Complex_Time5681 Still got the 5$ chat goin & adding 70 new vids today so come get in on it 😈

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2021.12.04 18:57 JackDrawsStuff Need help work-from-home proofing my workstation, specifically my chair.

My work from home status has been extended to the middle of next summer while my company reshuffles in the wake of Covid, the general feeling among staff is that this may be longer term.
Between working all day and then doing personal bits of admin/going on the internet in the evening, I'm clocking some serious hours sat in front of my screen so I want to know if there's a general consensus on what would be the best for both my back, and my butt.
I'm willing to spend what I've saved by not commuting on a decent revamp of my home office - but I know nothing about chairs. I know some people go for high end office style chairs, others go for gaming chairs that look like they came out of F1 cars.
What is the general wisdom on what the best chairs are for long hours in front of a monitor?
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2021.12.04 18:57 goatmant Questions about color mixings

Hey I'm starting my way into acrylic painting and being an engineer I wanted to look at it analytically so my main questions are-
Can you basically get any color from ymck or rgb with tinting? Like can you just have this main colors and mix whatever you want?
And is there any form of adding color to acrylic from some sort of pigment or such. I mean like having white color and adding oil or something and making it red?
Thanks for the help
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2021.12.04 18:57 MiddleResident9047 The SEC Championship game but Alabama bowed out and are playing as a ghost according to Google's scoreboard.

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2021.12.04 18:57 leiik C3 looking for replay analysis

Hey,im kind of puting myself in a grind mode since a few days,so i would like to have some advice on what could i enhance in my gameplay.Thanks!
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2021.12.04 18:57 Dramatic_Chest_4133 Dating as a Christian in college

Hey everyone, so I’m a freshman guy at a large university and I’ve recently been troubled because I know that as Christians we must remain equally yoked and only date other Christians. However, it feels like every single person here only cares about drinking, drugs, and hooking up. I know God has a plan for everyone, but I’d be lying if I said the possibility of not finding a good Christian girl to date and marry didn’t scare me. How should I go about finding these girls and easing my mind? Ive joined some clubs and stuff with no luck so far. thanks for the advice lol
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2021.12.04 18:57 juicyomatic Apparel/cosplay shops?

I’m looking to buy cosplay and apparel type stuff but not sure what artists/vendors may have that. I know about arda wigs but if anyone else knows a booth I can visit let me know!! Thanks
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2021.12.04 18:57 PrinceSorrow Steam download size

Can someone please tell me how big the steam download is? I know it's 70gb installed but was hoping they compressed it. Thanks
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2021.12.04 18:57 kw0510 Next time this happens, fans should be singing this song!

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2021.12.04 18:57 Informal-Relation-20 Join

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2021.12.04 18:57 xjin0120 Joined club today

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2021.12.04 18:57 jay3411 Just bought Polk Audio TL1600 but i have question can i connect satellite speaker to av receiver in future?

I want to know whether or not i can connect polk satellite speaker to av receiver in future to save money from buying speakers 5.1 setup ? For future proof if i want move to receiver and stuff.
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2021.12.04 18:57 blackletter_ [LANDLORD US-NY] Foreclosure due to COVID-19 hardship

Can anybody point me to data or substantiated individual examples of landlords losing their properties to foreclosure as a direct result of COVID-19 hardship? Thank you.
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2021.12.04 18:57 Particular_Double947 Streak 17: calendar

As a muslim, I also follow the lunar calendar to determine important Islamic observances. There are 12 months in the lunar calendar, and each month is either 29 or 30 days. If the crescent moon is visible after sunset on day 29, then the following day is the first day of the new month. However, if the moon does not sight, a 30th day is added to the current month, which is then followed by the first day of the subsequent month.
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2021.12.04 18:57 Adept-Transition2731 Who dis?

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2021.12.04 18:57 Gordin_raven Happy Pirate Christmas!

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2021.12.04 18:57 RazerLazar MOD HELP NEEDED

Hello everyone, I've played fnf for a pretty long time now so I decided to make a mod! I noticed that there aren't really many Plants vs Zombies mods, so I figured that I'd make one. The mod will be vs Toxic Brainz, and I plan for it to have 4 songs (3 songs in the main week and 1 secret/bonus song.) It most likely won't have a real "story" but it will probably have cutscenes or dialogue. The mod will also feature new song mechanics as well. I've had the idea for a pretty long time but I've just started working on it recently. Unfortunately I won't be able to pay, but you will get full credit for your work on the mod. So if you're interested in helping, here's what I need/what I have so far:
Musician/composer - 1/?
Charter - 1/?
Artist - 0/?
Animator - 0/?
BG Artist - 0/?
Concept Artist - 1/? (me)
Or just anybody who has ideas for the mod. If you'd like to help then hmu on Discord, my dms are always open: DrRazerLazar#4725
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2021.12.04 18:57 mddixoxo sneaky sneaky

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2021.12.04 18:57 On_Your_Right_ H: AA/E/1P GP, B/FFR/90 & TS/FFR/90 Flamer, AA/50v/15c & V/E/15c Railway W: AA or V/FFR/90 Flamer

Other offers will be kindly ignored.
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2021.12.04 18:57 tominator_44 Murder May Boomerang - from Crime Suspenstories Issue 1 - Oct/Nov 1950

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2021.12.04 18:57 RewiredRenaissance Any soft and hard maxxing suggestions for my face? 25 years old

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2021.12.04 18:57 TheMoonbeam365 Poor Wi-Fi with Dream Machine Pro, AP 6 Lite and AP 6 Pro

Living in a ~1300 sq/ft apartment with 2 floors and 2 bedrooms. I'm using a Dream Machine Pro, with an AP 6 Lite wall mounted downstairs, and an AP 6 Pro ceiling mounted upstairs between the 2 bedrooms.
The Wi-Fi throughput and reliability has been pretty bad, and seems to be getting worse. At best, I'm pulling 100mb from the APs, even sitting 2 -3ft away, with periodic connection drops. If I close either bedroom door, the throughput dops to <75mb/s. I've also noticed most devices upstairs connect to the AP 6 Lite that's downstairs, even when directly next to the AP 6 Pro.
Internet wise, I'm using a Motorola MB8611 modem, with Xfinity 1.2GB. Ran a few tests with an older Netgear router, and the downlink from Comcast is pretty close to what I'm expecting (varies between 950 - 1200).
Cabling wise, everything is connected with CAT8. The APs are directly connected to the Dream Machine Pro with Ubiquiti 802.3AR PoE Injectors. I've tested the cables with desktops and laptops connected to the UDMP and the Netgear router, and the throughput comes closer to what I'd expect (700 - 950mb/s.).
I've tried factory resetting the UDMP and APs a few times, and it has made little to no difference. Everything is up-to-date, and even tried updating to the latest preview FW/SW. Cannot for the life of me figure out why the Unify HW is performing so poorly.
Wifi network settings:

AP Lite 6:

AP 6 Pro:
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