How would you compare it to NMS

2021.12.04 18:56 JustForQuestions321 How would you compare it to NMS

I played a bit of ´No mans Sky and while I liked it I stopped playing after 20 hours or so because I thought the progression was boring and the grind felt off in a way, don't get me wrong I like when games are grindy in a good way, so I have a few questions before buying the game

  1. How is the gameplay loop? since you are ''only'' in a Ship exploration seems limited
  2. Is there a lot of combat and is it challenging? Nms had pretty easy fighting which is a shame
  3. Is the gameplay intuitive? A lot of sandbox games have the problem for me that I don't know what to do which is stopping me from playing, I'm scared ED will give me the same struggle
  4. Am I late to the party going in 2021? and should I play online from the start?
  5. lastly what's your opinion on the game and if you played NMS how would you compare it?
I hope I don't go against any subreddit Rule for posting this question, the game looks sick and I love the space theme, It seems like a cool Space sandbox but I just can't decide.
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2021.12.04 18:56 Yaboifuze143 PMs on

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2021.12.04 18:56 cantseemtosleep Wanting to return a vehicle after unfair (and possibly fraudulent) deal, do I have any options/ground? TX, US

So I purchased a 2018 BMW 4 Series from a big name dealership (i.e. not a buy here, pay here lot). I chose this dealership because I have family who works there and expected to be treated like family, not just another customer. Nonetheless, I can tell that didn't happen. The first night I was there for several hours (even until past closing) with them adamantly trying to get me to finance under outrageous terms, while telling me it was the best they could do & what I was asking for was impossible. I eventually left--and received a call the next day from one of the directors saying they could offer me better terms, no surprise. I'm asked to come in & "sign some paperwork" but I told him I wouldn't have the downpayment / be able to make the sale until Monday & he said that's fine. Well once I get there, as I'm sure most of you know, they began starting to close the deal. This honestly caught me off guard, as I was just really unsure of my decision. I eventually gave in and agreed to the sale, only to find out after the fact that a) the car was previously a rental. I was unhappy about this, especially with it being a BMW, but I let myself put it out of mind when I drove off the lot. I also noticed when reviewing the sales documents I was sent home with that one of the documents was a credit of application that the dealer was submitting on my behalf (I had to sign an agreement which I was told gave them the right to submit financing application(s) on my behalf as well as to allow those institutions to also try & find a creditor in the event that they wouldn't offer adequate terms). This application had an inflated income amount (not sure by exactly how much) but it also had a SEVERELY understated expense amount of $0 for rent. Yeah, $0. I know I didn't put that on my application that I submitted to the dealer, so they changed that on their own & sent it to the bank.
Well, my brother's a mechanic, and all it took was for him to HEAR the car running to immediately recognize something (most likely) serious was wrong with the car - I brought it to his attention at first because I thought it was strange too (sounds like ticking which could be all kinds of things and many of them serious). At the same time, he pointed out that there was clear evidence that the car had been damaged/repainted based on a pretty terrible paint job in the back. (Not only was this not mentioned but it wasn't in the CarFax report either). I put down just under 25% of the total price (including TTL & fees), have since looked up trade in value & barely have a few hundred to $1k of positive equity (only had the car a month) so I know it was likely marked up pretty high for what its worth (likely due to rental history status).
I've raised a complaint with the dealership already and so far the closest I've gotten to a resolution is them offering to take it on a trade in (or me outright selling it to them) and, no surprise, they're offering me similar to what they'd offer anyone else (if not maybe slightly better). But it's certainly not an attempt to make things right, as based on what they're offering me I'd be eating about an $8k loss (not including TTL because I figure those are out the window anyway & I'm SOL on those unless they're gracious enough to just refund the whole purchase, which doesn't look like is gonna happen).
Any advice? Did they do something wrong by not disclosing the prior rental history, falsifying the credit application, or possibly something else? Or did I just make a stupid decision?
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2021.12.04 18:56 MUFASASCROCS Made these bandanas & am not disappointed 🐄🎄🎅🏼

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2021.12.04 18:56 kells_17 Spider mites?? Info in comments

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2021.12.04 18:56 dhasseg Is buying a separate bock titanium nib a good Idea?

So I really want to try a titanium nib, and I had the idea of buying one at to put it on a twsbi 580alr. My research tells me I would need a 076 nib, and I would have to disassemble the unit to fit it in the twsbi. It should work, because the feed diameter of both pen and nib is 5mm, right? Has this been done? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.04 18:56 Count_Meowza Not So Daily Dumb Guilty Gear Fact #43

Bedman had a pretty solid side hustle being a speed auctioneer. He was so fast he could often raise the bid up to a higher price before anyone could finish getting their number in the air.
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2021.12.04 18:56 lulu-lover Down For It All Jacket- Grenadine Red 😍

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2021.12.04 18:56 isumaeru_ruzu7 As vezes queria um namorado

Olá galera,
Queria desabafar isso por aqui, que as vezes, fico pensando como seria namorar um cara dos meus sonhos?! As vezes isso me incomoda um pouco pois, para mim acho difícil arranjar alguém legal de se conversar e puxar vários assuntos. Ainda complica mais porque eu tenho um ideal de cara, moreno, alto, lindo, fofo... alguém diferente.
Não fico me cobrando para namorar, mas as vezes penso que é impossível achar alguém que eu goste.
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2021.12.04 18:56 JLMandell Poll: Current Broadway Musicals, Better or Worse as Movies?

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2021.12.04 18:56 starko1982 DOING SOME GLOBAL ARENA

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2021.12.04 18:56 That-0ne-guy- Command menu keeps popping iup in battle

I just downloaded the ps5 DLC and was wondering if anyone had this issue before or knows how to fix it . Everytime i get into a battle the command menu pops up when I hit any buttons , i know its not my controller acting up it doesnt happen on any other games .
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2021.12.04 18:56 bat-bet Pick of the Day - 5th December
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2021.12.04 18:56 Logical_Decision_706 I’m in need of a new Switch game. Any recommendations in December 2021?

I’ve been recently playing the same games over and over, and while I’m not getting “bored” per se, I need something new to spice things up. Here are the games that I already have and play:
Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, LOZ: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, Pokémon Sword, Fire emblem: Three Houses, Link’s Awakening HD, Skyward Sword HD (heavily disliked this), Pokken Tournament DX
I’ve been contemplating Metroid Dread, but I tried playing super Metroid on NSO and I hated it. I don’t think Metroid is my cup of tea. But I’d really appreciate it if you guys could give some other recommendations.
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2021.12.04 18:56 light5577 When youtube shows you the same video even though you watched it already , its testing the algorithm by showing a “mistake” and how long you ignore it showing in your homepage

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2021.12.04 18:56 ritsulover (Fan-made VN) Nino route is out now. (feat.KosmosBeta)

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2021.12.04 18:56 Illusivebroker96 Just finished my first run of Brearh of the Wild!

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2021.12.04 18:56 naughtysativa Cosmo and Wanda are the best friends ever

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2021.12.04 18:56 Snolaan88 PS5 LFP on right now PSN is snolaan

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2021.12.04 18:56 koffelin Do I pass? (Ftm, pre T)

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2021.12.04 18:56 Emperor_Penguino General Opinion of me as a Moderator

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2021.12.04 18:56 AMildlyNerdyPerson LADIES, GENTLEMEN, WE NEED A CONSENSUS.

Regardless of sexuality, gender, or lack thereof, what do you prefer! ASS, TITS, THIGHS, MUSCLE, OR DICK???
Remember, Regardless of gender.
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2021.12.04 18:56 GENIUSBRANDSINSIDER YFE NFT. 6 pics. We’d obviously put ours on Mogul though . Their IP too probably.

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2021.12.04 18:56 ComplexAd7272 Copyright/Name Brands In Fiction: Some Tips.

This question comes up a lot in the writing community, and on this sub in general, so I thought I'd try to shed some light for those of you that need it.
Can I use "INSERT BRAND NAME/COMPANY/REAL LIFE PERSON in my story? The short answer is yes. I myself write literary fiction, set in the modern day, so it's nearly impossible to avoid. You are perfectly fine writing:
"Hannah closed her laptop and took a sip of Coke."
"Jeremy spotted the Lexus out of the corner of his eye. It'd been following him for three blocks."
The brands above are being mentioned in a benign way. Harmless. Just things.
Now, what you can't do is use them in a libelous or negative manner. Such as:
"Hannah closed her laptop and took a sip of Coke. It was bitter and disgusting, but she was so thirsty she tried not to think how many people died every year drinking it."
"Jeremy spotted the Lexus out of the corner of his eye. Only a madman or a moron would drive such a thing, he thought, based on its abysmal safety rating."
If you want a real world example, take the novel "YOU" by Caroline Kepnes. Facebook and Instagram feature prominently to the plot, and are used by the main character, a killing psychopath. However, the sites themselves are never demonized. There's no passage of "God, Joe would never have found so much about me if Facebook weren't so invasive!" Joe himself places the blame of how much he can find on his victims on the victim's willingness to share, not the site's themselves. Big difference.
Now, to be clear, you never actually know how a company is going to react to you using their brand, so some writer's don't even take a chance. Disney is notoriously litigious no matter the use. Apple refuses to allow "villainous" characters to even hold an iPhone in movies. So always err on the side of caution. The good news is most lit agents, publishers, and magazines will usually never let you use something if there's potential for trouble.
Can I use a real life location as the setting? Of course you can. Having talked with many writers over the years, I've learned the real reason most don't is plot driven. For example, I live in Baltimore, Maryland. We don't have a monorail, so if my story required one, but I still wanted to base it on my hometown, it's easier just to use a fictional city. There's a reason why The Simpson's use Springfield and Batman lives in Gotham. Being fictional, they can have anything the story requires from mountains, bodies of water, suburbs and skyscrapers, whatever.
(Full disclosure; While I've never heard of a town/city/state taking any kind of legal action for their use in fiction, I can't say it's impossible. If anyone is more knowledgeable, I'd love to read your comments below)
Can I use a real life figure in my story? What about a fictional one? Yes, but with caution. Same as the first example. It's perfectly fine to say:
"Everyone who was anyone was at the fundraiser. Rosemary even spotted George Clooney in the corner."
But not:
"Everyone who was anyone was at the fundraiser. Rosemary even spotted George Clooney, the notorious pig molester, in the corner."
You can name fictional characters as well, but within reason. Name dropping is fine, having said character DO anything is a no-no. It's perfectly fine to say "Liam's room was a mess. His Iron Man poster hung prominently on the wall." But you can't have Liam having a dream sequence, with him and Iron Man going on adventures and Iron Man speaking to him.
I hope all this helps. PLEASE note I am not a lawyer, just a humble writer. This has only been my experience. If I've written anything that's incorrect, my apologies, and feel free to correct me.
Take care!
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2021.12.04 18:56 gooberdooger The Infinity Pool Doesn't Make Sense

I have yet to see a good explanation on how the infinity pool actually works.
I understand the idea of it but from what I can see everyone trying to hype it seems to be forgetting about the institutional holders of GME. Additionally there seems to be some confusion over what a short is and what a naked short is.

Let me start by checking my understanding of shorts and naked shorts:
Short - Party A thinks the value of a stock is set to drop, so they borrow 10 shares of that stock from Party B with a promise to pay them back with the exact same number of shares. Party A sells those shares and waits for the price to go down at which point they plan to repurchase those shares at a lower price and hold on to the difference.
Naked Short - Party A wants to borrow 10 stocks just as before, Party B however only has 5 and 5 IOUs from Party C who he lent them to earlier but instead of missing out on those sweet sweet lending fees Party B goes ahead and lends Party A the 5 stocks plus the 5 IOUs expecting Party C to settle eventually and hand over those shares when he does.

With that as my understanding of shorts and naked shorts, lets proceed to why I think people are forgetting about the institutions. When talking about an infinity pool.
If SHFs are short, we'll say 186M shares (3X the float) and no one is selling, prices are skyrocketing what keeps institutions from selling those shares (which are presumably some of the ones lending them in the first place) back to the SHFs multiple times over to close those short positions? Why wouldn't Vanguard and Blackrock who own 10M between the them, sell what real shares they have knowing they will be handed back to them to cover short positions, and repeat the process until the SHFs have settled with them?
To simplify, lets go back to the scenario:
SHFs are trying to short GME by trying to borrow shares from Party A. They borrow 15 shares and sell for an instant profit. While they wait for the price to go down Party A continues to buy shares. As price starts to rise SHFs decide to cut their loses and buy back shares, but low and behold, there are no shares available. As prices start to skyrocket Party A sells SHFs 5 of their real shares at their named prices and receives those same shares back from the SHFs who still owe them 10 more shares, this can be done twice more to completely close the SHFs shorts with Party A, and at the end Party A can still sell the 5 shares once again for a net balance of zero shares held.

So what am I missing in this scenario that gives room for an infinity pool? In theory, over time shorts can cover without any of retail selling.
I can already hear the screams of FUD, this does not mean there is no room for MOASS. The price will still take off like a rocket leaving the atmosphere. But if you expect the price to keep climbing from the MOASS for forever, I have to say that doesn't make sense. There will be a natural peak in price to sell after.
If I am missing something here, I am all for a good discussion about it and will gladly edit to accommodate the new info. I really just want to know what people are seeing that I am not.
How does an infinity pool work when institutional holders who lent out the shares initially can sell legitimate shares several times over to the SHFs that borrowed them close out the short positions.

MOASS starts Monday if not then soon after! Have a great weekend guys!
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