Hello fellow Thetanians

2022.01.28 02:32 Xid3x Hello fellow Thetanians

Hello guys,
I was wondering if you have any idea on how to unlink a Thetan account from an old Metamask to a new one?

thanks in advance
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2022.01.28 02:32 Sadpancake_03 40th Anniversary show Vegas

Got Tix to Vegas in about a month with my wife, so stoked. I was telling my wife that I hope they play some different songs I've never seen them play live . Anybody heading to Vegas to see them what's your songs you hope they play?
My list
Call Of Ktulu
The Outlaw Torn
Damage Inc.
I could go on and on and on. I just can't wait to see these guys.... I saw them in Seattle in '17 and it was great but they played just the staples, including 5 songs off the black album. Hoping for something a little different for Vegas
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2022.01.28 02:32 yokesh351 Around El Salvador in 45 days: A travel story with only Bitcoin

Here are some travel tips from a couple who traveled around El Salvador for 45 days using only Bitcoin.
El Salvador adopted Bitcoin ( BTC ) as legal tender more than four months ago, on September 7, 2021. Bitcoiners around the world have been watching closely as El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele attempts to "convert" to an entire nation.
The president regularly buys every drop, has promised a low-tax Bitcoin “citadel” in the form of Bitcoin City , and is exploring mining BTC with renewable energy using volcanoes.
But, what is the day-to-day life of those who live in the smallest country in Central America, known as "the land of volcanoes"? Moreover, what is it like to try to live only on Bitcoin?
An Italian couple, Rikki and Laura, have succeeded. Rikki is a Bitcoin podcaster and human rights activist, active in the space since 2016. Laura works as a community manager in the blockchain space and has been focused on crypto since 2019.
After the approval of the Bitcoin Law, Laura had the idea of ​​traveling throughout El Salvador for 45 days. The challenge? Live only with Bitcoin. No bartering, no euros, and of course no US dollars.
Their experiences offer a fascinating insight into the country's history, its enchanting landscapes, and, of course, its future with Bitcoin. His travel accounts can be read in English and Italian, and his podcast is called Bitcoin Italy Podcast .
On the other hand, Rikki and Laura have also encountered significant challenges from just using BTC, such as gaps in education and difficulties transacting with Bitcoin. On January 24, they spoke with Cointelegraph via video call from Santa Ana, a coffee-rich region of El Salvador.
They are now authentic sources of knowledge for bitcoiners who want to try a BTC-only trip to El Salvador. Here are his top tips for crypto enthusiasts traveling to the small tropical nation.
Do you accept Bitcoin? No? Bye!
In San Salvador, many places accept Bitcoin, from McDonald's to Starbucks to mom-and-pop stores. In El Zonte, known as "Bitcoin Beach", the birthplace of the Bitcoin Law, most vendors advertise that they accept BTC. However, off the beaten track, Bitcoin is little known and is sometimes confused with the state-sponsored wallet, Chivo Wallet .
When faced with a seller who does not accept Bitcoin, the pair's main advice is to conduct a theatrical experiment. The customer must ask the seller if they accept Bitcoin, and if the seller says no, the customer must turn on their heel and walk away. They should not take the money.
As Rikki explained, "you just have to go!" Traders want the business, so if a customer makes a scene showing they only have Bitcoin, the seller will want to accept their sats.
If a seller doesn't want to accept Bitcoin, it's usually not due to infrastructure shortfalls, since "you can buy a cheap Chinese smartphone on the market with a sim card and a data plan for $20, and the connection here is huge." It is the "perfect country to carry out the Bitcoin experiment".
This brings us to the interesting part, which is getting to the “why”, the reason behind not accepting Bitcoin. Sometimes it is simply because the owner of the restaurant or hotel has confused Chivo with Bitcoin, it is more common than you think. Other times, a quick chat and a few taps on Chivo are enough for them to see how it works.
Rikki and Laura had a blast discussing and educating the locals about Bitcoin, making great memories along the way.
Prepare and re-prepare
Although the adventure was a lot of fun, Rikki said, "It's not easy, and it takes a bit of preparation. You have to plan your routes in advance. Especially when you get away from the main tourist areas, where bitcoin is less accepted." In some cases, the couple called 20 or 30 hotels before finding a bitcoiner.
Undeterred by the challenge, these fights were, in his opinion, the cream in the pot of his traveling adventure. "Sometimes we ended up in the craziest places just because we were looking for places that accept Bitcoin." They joke that Satoshi Nakamoto was the driving force behind his daily decision making.
Traveling solo with Bitcoin also meant that the pair were forced to engage with the locals on a more intimate level, making human connections along the way.
Sorry Satoshi, but museums don't accept Bitcoin
Rikki really wanted to see the Mayan ruins of Tazumal, a historical site and archaeological museum near Santa Ana. However, the heritage sites only accept cash. Rikki was crestfallen and, given the opportunity, would question President Bukele about such a strange omission of Bitcoin. "Why are the museums managed by the Salvadoran Ministry of Culture only cash?".
The decision may change as the Bitcoin Law slowly rolls out to affect all walks of society, but currently, cultural experiences, museums and some excursions are cash only. The couple couldn't get into those sites due to their strict rules. Bitcoin farmers should carry a few bucks just in case.
Education, education, education
Few Salvadorans understand what Bitcoin is, how it works, or the difference between Lightning Network and on-chain transactions. As Laura points out, some Salvadorans "think that you can only pay in Bitcoin if you use the Chivo app." They are unaware of other Lightning wallets like BlueWallet or Wallet of Satoshi.
In the Chivo app itself, there are no teaching tools for users who want to learn about Bitcoin. Rikki explained that "nobody here knows anything about Bitcoin. They didn't provide a second of education to the people of El Salvador." Laura added: "If people had learned about Bitcoin, they wouldn't be using the app."
Given the lack of information and education of Salvadorans, it is therefore the responsibility of Bitcoiner tourists to take their time with the locals. They must share their knowledge about Bitcoin and be patient while Salvadorans begin to understand the monetary network.
As Michael Saylor often says , it takes thousands of hours to understand Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Law was quickly passed and implemented, and many locals have not had the time to understand the technology.
"Come to El Salvador and spend your Bitcoin here"
This is not so much advice as a plea from Rikki and Laura on behalf of the Bitcoin community in El Salvador.
Come to El Salvador, and spend your Bitcoin. This increases awareness, broadens education levels through network effects and word of mouth, and ultimately encourages more and more people to use the Bitcoin network, they said.
For Rikki, "the more you trade, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you study, and use it for good."
For cryptocurrency development contact us
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2022.01.28 02:32 RoadSufficient7629 Video shows Sherman Oaks man getting robbed of Rolex at gunpoint in broad daylight

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2022.01.28 02:32 ConsiderationNo1798 https://youtube.com/channel/UC723Jg2WeH3LA0zntXjiJtg

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2022.01.28 02:32 MadManD3vi0us Feature request

You know what would be really cool? If we were able to create a short list on the analytics page of assets that we actually own. That way we wouldn't have to scroll through the whole list just to see the stats on the things that we actually care about.
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2022.01.28 02:32 fml_pro A͗ͥ͘í̯̊ṫ̡̙ā̭͠ F̷̥́o̺̘͑r̩̈̍ T͍́ͭê̡͍l̢̞͙l̹̏͡i͕̐̿n̟ͮg̱̈́͠ M̰̩y̡̰̋ S̙ͯ͝o͍ͮ̾n̑ͨ͟'s̯ G̳̜ͤí̪͝r̹̪ͯl̻̇̑f̼ͤͨr̡̈́i̴̅͌e̗ͮ͜ň̳d̡ͤ̋ T̢̲͊ó̻ G̪͈̐i͓̟͘vͨ͘ͅe̲ͮ͞ Ḿ͍̥y̱͒͞ B͍͑̽i̫ͯ̀ò͍̭ M̛̹̍ǒ̹̮m̙̃́ A̷͚̚ K͇͌ȉ̪͠ḓͨ͟n͓̐ȩ̉y̴ͫ̂ A͉͊ͩǹ̳̬d̾ͮ͢ Ả̧͝ P̼̃͟i͚͑ẻ̜͝c̻̀ͮe̴ͦ͡ O͎ͯ͑f̨́͐ Ḿ̤̆y͓̽̑ L̲̚͜i̡̼͙v̪̌͟ȅ̺͐r̡̳̈?

A͗ͥ͘í̯̊ṫ̡̙ā̭͠ F̷̥́o̺̘͑r̩̈̍ T͍́ͭê̡͍l̢̞͙l̹̏͡i͕̐̿n̟ͮg̱̈́͠ M̰̩y̡̰̋ S̙ͯ͝o͍ͮ̾n̑ͨ͟'s̯ G̳̜ͤí̪͝r̹̪ͯl̻̇̑f̼ͤͨr̡̈́i̴̅͌e̗ͮ͜ň̳d̡ͤ̋ T̢̲͊ó̻ G̪͈̐i͓̟͘vͨ͘ͅe̲ͮ͞ Ḿ͍̥y̱͒͞ B͍͑̽i̫ͯ̀ò͍̭ M̛̹̍ǒ̹̮m̙̃́ A̷͚̚ K͇͌ȉ̪͠ḓͨ͟n͓̐ȩ̉y̴ͫ̂ A͉͊ͩǹ̳̬d̾ͮ͢ Ả̧͝ P̼̃͟i͚͑ẻ̜͝c̻̀ͮe̴ͦ͡ O͎ͯ͑f̨́͐ Ḿ̤̆y͓̽̑ L̲̚͜i̡̼͙v̪̌͟ȅ̺͐r̡̳̈? submitted by fml_pro to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 02:32 Borsewastaken My favorite song has come on

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2022.01.28 02:32 Honkytonk861 Boyfriend being controlling?

My boyfriend (M18) and I (F17) have been together for 1 and a half years. He had really bad trust issues and we almost broke up, but he promised me he would change. And he did. Well now we are having an issue. I have had guy friends my whole life. My boyfriend hasn't really made this a problem until recently. I meant this guy and we go to school together. He asked me out once or twice before he knew I had a boyfriend,but after I made it clear that we were serious, he backed off. I text him sometimes and my boyfriend gets mad and says that I'm entertaining him. The guy knows I have a boyfriend and I set a boundary with him. My boyfriend is not happy and says I should just block him. I don't have many friends so this is a good opportunity to me.
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2022.01.28 02:32 91JLD Kinda creepy model I found

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2022.01.28 02:32 Jaipreetsingh_ 500 mughals vs 50 sikhs

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2022.01.28 02:32 HonorCommitment 36 Farmhouse (2022) Hindi Dubbed - Bollywood, Hindi, Indian Movies & TV - 123TV.in

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2022.01.28 02:32 TheGodAzazel01 Olha onde o Renan foi parar.

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2022.01.28 02:32 Dainaz2021 Fucked (not in the good way)

It’s not the lonely days, empty feelings, the loss of identity as a person or even the devaluation of yourself by others, that gets you, all of these things bring in despair and loneliness but in the end, it’s “ the hope” that gets you.
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2022.01.28 02:32 CharacterEvidence105 Finished Season 3

My god, I was not expecting that towards the end. All of them attacked...
And may I just comment, Beth's assistants have a terrible time on this show.
Onto finding somewhere to watch season 4...
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2022.01.28 02:32 mfb13 #stopmgk

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2022.01.28 02:32 Jacopetti What would happen if someone died on the show?

I'm sure, after 20 years, there must be a contingency plan in case of a terrible accident or a sudden heart attack or stroke. Would the season continue or would the whole thing be scrapped?
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2022.01.28 02:32 lord_jamonington People have been minting wlJEWEL from locked jewel and dumping it for days now

Locked JEWEL, previously a nearly illiquid asset is now entirely liquid, cheaper than JEWEL, and will eventually be redeemable for JEWEL on a 1:1 basis. And also you can bank yield on top of it.
Additionally, and very importantly, whales that have been buying millions worth of locked jewel at prices of $1-3 are able to now sell some of it for unlocked jewel and dump it. The intended tokenomics for the project are totally destroyed by this as the lines between locked and unlocked jewel are redrawn altogether.
For anyone looking to invest in DFK in the medium/long term, it's a significantly better investment to buy wlJEWEL. The price of wlJEWEL and JEWEL will have to find equilibrium soon. Read for yourself in this Twitter thread.
The fact that this hasn’t been announced or discussed here yet is surprising to me. Hopefully nobody got rekt by the resulting brutal price action of all of this.
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2022.01.28 02:32 spongeboi-me-bob- My boyfriend made the plastic wrap over their dough completely flat.

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2022.01.28 02:32 Varun_0504 [H] Hot Wheels Unleashed Epic Games Account [W] Steam wallet code 30$ (or) Offers

I am not going first at any circumstances
My rep Page:- Game Trade Rep Page Reply me here your offers then dm
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2022.01.28 02:32 horror4802 How do NFT fan tokens work for voting? Link to article that confused me in the body

Hey there, hope i'm in the right place.
i saw this article that says "Fan tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that allow holders to vote on mostly minor decisions related to their clubs."
how would this actually work in practice? do you have to spend the token to vote somehow, or does it connect with an app that validates your ownership or something? I went and read the ERC721 and a few other documents, but there isn't anything there that actually says how this would work. there's a draft EIC but it's not up yet, while many of the tokens have already been sold, which suggests it would already work? does anyone know or can point me to something to read up on this
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2022.01.28 02:32 Laminarija Monster physical damage reduction - an oversight?

From patch notes:

The Plated modifier now provides 30% additional Physical Damage Reduction instead of Armour. It still only appears on Monsters that have Armour.
With map mods applying up to 40% physical damage reduction and endurance charges granting 15% additional physical damage reduction per charge, some rares may end up very difficult to deal with for pure physical builds considering that many sources of Overwhelm were removed in previous patch. Further more Fortify changes did not mention anything about physical damage reduction, so are we going to be able to maintain Fortify against such monsters, especially if it's an Essence, or Beast?
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2022.01.28 02:32 ElSenorDeLasPajas Victoria Justice

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2022.01.28 02:32 Jackriecken Did they change me to FT? Interviewed Wed for a garden position FT (I'm D26 PT rn) at my store. MY anniversary date is 1/28, and part time should've given me 20h VAC time. The fact I was given 40 confuses me, did they give me the FT or is this the new VAC policy?

Did they change me to FT? Interviewed Wed for a garden position FT (I'm D26 PT rn) at my store. MY anniversary date is 1/28, and part time should've given me 20h VAC time. The fact I was given 40 confuses me, did they give me the FT or is this the new VAC policy? submitted by Jackriecken to HomeDepot [link] [comments]