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A bit of a rant and a question.

HDtracks is a high-resolution music platform for music lovers to download their favorite tracks in master studio quality. Join us today for the ultimate listening experience! Binaries: 0.175.1 (32-bit) 03/07/16: Specific 32-bit and 64-bit versions Choose the one needed by your Windows If unsure, 32-bit is what you need: 0.175.1 (64-bit) Create an online memorial website and write a life story, share photos and videos and create a timeline of their life. Create a lasting legacy to a deceased friend or family member. A memorial website is a loving way to pay tribute to your loved ones and share memories of family and friends. IMPORTANT: The separate 64-bit pack is OBSOLETE. Starting from version 10.0.0 of the codec pack, the 64-bit codecs have been integrated into the normal K-Lite Codec Pack, which you can download HERE .

2022.01.28 02:50 gamerjam A bit of a rant and a question.

Oof how do I even start. So I'm a trans and I feel like this place is perfect for me altho I still have doubts because of the whole internalized transphobia thing making me feel like I'm wrong. Anyways I don't fully identify as female but I'm still hoping I can be accepted here. Maybe this is a dumb question but even if I don't fully identify as female (like 90% idek how to explain it) can I still be accepted here as a witch? Also I have a hard time accepting myself because I live in a very conservative area with a lot of older people and I know I will be judged heavily if I just be myself, I guess I need help gaining confidence in myself and how I express myself.
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2022.01.28 02:50 scorpiondestroyer They Watch From The Mountains (Part 1)

It’s been a year, I think, since I went into the desert to find myself. At least, this is what I told my friends. I went into the desert to find Them. It was a week before my 21st birthday when I started my trek into the desert. I brought with me a journal, and a large backpack loaded with army rations and water bottles. In a separate pocket, I brought my equipment. More on that later.
For years, I saw Them watching me from the tops of the mountains and behind the cacti. They whispered incoherently at night. They stole my chickens and my cousin. In my town, Their presence is not spoken of. We all knew who took Estela, but no one dared try to bring her back. As an unspoken rule of the town, you turn a blind eye to the occasional disappearance and pretend not to hear the screams. You do not look directly at Them. You do not talk to Them. You do not speak to, mention, or pray for Alan. In return, the rain keeps coming. The night Estela disappeared was the night I stopped caring about the rules. I ignored it when a pack of not-quite-coyotes took José right off his barstool in the middle of the day, and dragged him kicking and screaming. I ignored it when Sofia left work halfway through the night shift and never came back. But this was my cousin, and she was the only family I had. I spent a month packing for the trip, and researching what these things could be and how to make contact with Them. I had to wait until I had started my journey before I could meet with Alan. You’re unlikely to make it to his shack before dark. People who stay out after dark never make it back. If anybody sees you walking in his direction, they lock every door and blow out every candle at night. All this to say, the town has a way of dealing with people who break the rules, tailored over the years. Alan was the only man in the town who had ever spoken to Them. Twenty years ago, he came from a few hundred miles east, somewhere in Texas. He was never taken or harmed, and his brother, presumed dead, was found at the edge of town the night before José was dragged off. He was driven out of town, and what they did to his brother is best not repeated. There are a lot of rumors about that day. They say he made a deal with the Devil. Some say he is the Devil. And me, I decided he was my best option for information regarding Them.
I told my friends I was going on a journey of self discovery. I left in the middle of the night and walked north to where he set up camp. I knocked on his door. I heard him shuffle around inside before cracking open the door. “What do you want?” he whispered, looking around for other people. “I need to talk to you. I come bearing gifts.” I showed him I was unarmed, and extended towards him a bottle of whiskey. He took it from me and opened his door the rest of the way, gesturing for me to follow him. The house he had built for himself was small and looked to be in desperate need of repairs. Alan was not and never had been a healthy man, and to this day it’s a mystery to me how he built it in the first place, when he left with nothing but the clothes on his back and his gun. He set down his shotgun and asked me if this was about the Watchers. “Yes. You’re the only person I can think of who would know how to get in contact.” He looked bewildered and angry. “Why the hell would you want to talk to ‘em? Ain’t They the ones that snatched your sister?” “Cousin. And yes, that’s the whole idea. I’m going to find her.” And then it hit me. He couldn’t have known about Estela. He’s been out here for four months. Estela disappeared just a little more than one month ago. “Don’t you look at me like that, kid, I know all sorts of terrible things. You can tell all of them I know exactly what they did to Jesse, too.” I almost felt bad for judging him before I remembered who I was talking to. “And what about José, Alan? Didn’t do nothing wrong, just another harmless drunk, but They dragged him off after he saw your brother come home, didn’t They?” He grabbed me by my neck and slammed me into the dusty wall of the shack. “You don’t talk about Jesse,” he growled. “You don’t know the half of it.” Like an idiot, I went on. “Sold your soul to bring him back, that’s how the story goes, right? Who else have you sold to Them?” He picked up his shotgun. I had forgotten about that. “Anything else, kid? Or did you only come to insult me?” I raised my hands in surrender. “I really did come for information. Whatever you did or didn’t do, the fact remains that you’re the only one who’s ever had contact with the Watchers.” He let me drop to the floor, and as I regained my breath, he talked. “I still ain’t sure what They are. I spoke to one of Them once, at the edge of town, when They brought Jesse back. He wasn’t the same when he came back. He couldn’t talk, and he could hardly look at me without shaking. I didn’t sell my soul, I didn’t think he’d ever come back, and I don’t know why they brought him back; but all I knew was that I’d be kicked out of town. Regardless of what anyone will tell you, prophecy’s a curse, not a gift. I only get bits and pieces, and never enough to change anything.” I wasn’t sure how much I believed, but he seemed sincere enough. “Does anyone know you’re here?” I shook my head. “Good. Take a seat.”
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2022.01.28 02:50 robotLights What would happen if Spider-Man started doing steroids ?

He would most likely be unstoppable. Only person that would be able to beat him would be the Incredible Hulk probably
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2022.01.28 02:50 IrrelevantEskimo MMO recommendation?

I really really liked Hero Plus Online growing up and i recently played some Final Fantasy and enjoyed that as well. Is there any game out there that isnt talked about too much that is similar? I know i can go back to FF however i was curious to know if any freetoplay lowkey MMORPGs exist right now that isn't well known or may have fallen off but still good to grind a little?
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2022.01.28 02:50 David_Paul09 Futuristic pill packing magic wand

I saw this video maybe a year or so ago, randomly on Facebook. It was of a pharmacy tech basically pouring capsules on the counter, then hovering this clear Perspex plate looking device with a handle over the pile of capsules, lifting it up and there were 28 stuck there somehow, evenly spaced out. Then they moved that above a blister pack, dose administration aid, not sure what you guys call them but the packs that pharmacists make up for patients with all their tablets. They clicked a thing or did something and all 28 capsules fell into the right blister.
Seemingly, it’s electrostatic, or vacuum powered, but I can’t fully remember and I can’t find the video. Has anyone heard of this device? Or know of something similar? I had no need for one when I saw it all that time ago and now I find myself in dire need of something that efficient. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.28 02:50 T123456n Shower girl

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2022.01.28 02:50 asilvertintedrose This manga is "peak romcom" apparently

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2022.01.28 02:50 Moonrise513 Janeway-Pi-1-1-0

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2022.01.28 02:50 Jacktheripper5 Which design looks better for my T-shirt for my hemp smoking videos. Comment 1-20 to pick which one I will use for my T-shirt design.

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2022.01.28 02:50 skittlenipss Thoughts on my Amazon milk frogs vivarium?

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2022.01.28 02:50 GoneToDevNull $25 bonus when you sign up with Newton (Code: EUSZ0G) and buy/sell $100 worth of cryptocurrency (Canada)

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2022.01.28 02:50 inoboyz Perfect.

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2022.01.28 02:50 thewholeenchelada675 Just bought an original Barricade on eBay.

I bought a Barricade because I had a coupon. What would you say is a competitive firing velocity for competitive, but not too hard for casual games? How do I achieve said velocity with my Barricade that will be arriving in around a week?
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2022.01.28 02:50 kelseyj0786 How do I embed a Facebook feed on Weebly?

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2022.01.28 02:50 Robinjo1985 Daily News: Beyoncé Teases 'Ivy Heart' For Valentine's, Donatella Joins Gigi

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2022.01.28 02:50 Ben_Tuldnka my boy nathaniel

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2022.01.28 02:50 enblightened W for mullin’s take on the kpop votes

Who is that guy to the left of him? surprised to hear him basically say what the haters are saying
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2022.01.28 02:50 Rocketkt69 ULPT: How do I guarantee a refund from UberEATS?

We are really broke this week and need to get some food. I have a $20 off UberEATS coupon and was hoping to use it, and then refund the order after I got it so that it turns out to be free. In this grand scheme, I do want to ensure the driver gets tipped, as I am happy to cover that. How can I guarantee a full refund on the order, without getting the driver in trouble?
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2022.01.28 02:50 kaboi_ What's a dream you have let go of and why?

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2022.01.28 02:50 AaBbHhEeEeKk Is that a jojo reference?!

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2022.01.28 02:50 CouldBeAnyPersonToo Does anyone know if this is a hardware or software (one ui 4) issue? My s20+ screen started flickering then this.

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2022.01.28 02:50 curlycutiee Access Denied????

Sooooo in my 6 plus years of having Minecraft i have NEVER experienced something like this… And this only started happening recently after I was forced to move my MoJang account into a Microsoft account. When I try to go to the official Minecraft website I am met with
(Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.552fc417.1643348774.2a0a23eb)
It didn’t work on my computer so then I typed it up on my old iPhone and it worked until I logged into my account and then it immediately told me I couldn’t use the website anymore. Then I tried it on my current iPhone and it immediately tells me that I don’t have access. Someone pls help me!! this makes no sense… :(
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2022.01.28 02:50 AbducterOfHumans There should be a no nut forever challenge

If you pass you get like 100 bucks given to your children when you die(adopted children)
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2022.01.28 02:50 lolpanda12345 Lockers at wooden

How do you use the coin lockers at wooden by the treadmills? Do you need a token for it?
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2022.01.28 02:50 AnodeBoi The flag if nothing but its a fake png

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